Evernote CEO Phil Libin announced at the fourth annual Evernote conference today that a revamped web client is being launched. Significant changes have been made to the web client and it is now promised to be more simpler and easier to use than its predecessor. Evernote has focused on keeping everything minimalistic and simple so that users don’t get overwhelmed and get to jot down their notes and flashes of brilliance without any distractions.


By default the new web client is going to hide almost all elements of the user interface. This is meant to keep the user focused on the task at hand and provide them with a clean space to work with. There are icons to the right which take the users to tags, search, notebooks as well as many other features.

Libin said that this new user interface is “built to eliminate distraction” and surely it does a pretty good job at that. Previously users complained about the cluttered user interface and Evernote has addressed all of those concerns in this latest update. Libin also announced today that Evernote now have more than 100 million users.

The new web client is available in beta starting today but users will have to opt-in. Evernote’s old web client will continue to exist until as such time the company sees fit to get rid of it completely.

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