Fitbit is a company that makes wearable devices and applications focused towards people who want to track their health and fitness throughout the data. Many companies that make similar products went straight for integration with the new Health app in iOS 8. Its a one stop destination for all health and fitness related data collected through different apps which feed it directly into the native iOS 8 application. Fitbit has decided against this and won’t be integrating with Health for now.

The company has made its position clear on this through the official customer forums where it was responding to queries about integration from customers who were waiting for an upgrade.

Fitbit has said that it currently has no plans for integration but will continue to watch how it matures before going ahead with it. It didn’t outright reject the possibility of an integration somewhere down the road but we now know that its not going to happen anytime soon.

Its bad news for people who thought that Fitbit would be the first to pounce on this after HealthKit applications were allowed back onto the App Store a few weeks back. Fitbit has now made its position clear and we should expect it to stick with this position for at least the foreseeable future.

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