ms-healthEarlier this evening, we did bring you word about how Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Health app to go alongside the Microsoft Band wearable device. Just what is Microsoft Health all about? For instance, it happens to be a cloud-based service which would enable one to live in a healthier manner through the provision of actionable insights that are based upon data collected from the different fitness devices as well as apps that one makes use of each day. Needless to say, the new Microsoft Band would be one of them, among others such as smartwatches and smartphones.

Not only that, services such as RunKeeper or MyFitnessPal would also be able to hook up easily to Microsoft Health. Through the use of this fitness data as well as the Intelligence Engine in the cloud, Microsoft Health is touted to deliver valuable and personal insights that helps you to arrive at your fitness goals.

It is hoped that down the road, the information collected from a broad range of devices and services would be able to provide you with insights into your whole day, whether it concerns work, nutrition, fitness and rest. Basically, anyone who intends to live a healthier life will be able to build upon this particular experience together.

Microsoft Health would let you figure out just which particular exercise is able to help you burn the maximum amount of calories, and you will have a better idea on how long your body would take before it can recover prior to kicking off the next training session.

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