microsoft logoWhile the Microsoft Xbox One console might be doing well in some markets, there is at least one market that the console is struggling in, and that is Japan. According to previous reports, it seems that Microsoft is struggling to sell the Xbox One in the country. It is unclear as to why the console is doing so poorly, but whatever the case, Microsoft is not pleased.

When asked in the latest issue of Famitsu about the Xbox One, Xbox Japan’s head Takashi Sensui stated that Microsoft was not satisfied with the state of things at the moment. “It’s not as though we’re satisfied with the current sales state. We hope to continue through taking user feedback and improving [the Xbox One] and offering content that everyone can enjoy.”

He also adds that Microsoft will be making a bigger effort at trying to get more people to learn about the Xbox One in hopes that it will be able to lead to more sales. Famitsu also spoke to Phil Spencer in the same interview, in which Spencer admitted that they have a long road ahead of them in terms of spreading the console through the region.

It is unclear as to what else Microsoft could do to get gamers more interested. More exclusives, perhaps? After all Bungie’s Destiny was launched as an exclusive on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, so perhaps Microsoft could head down that route, or try to attract more Japanese game creators onto the Xbox platform, but what say you? What could Microsoft do to turn things around?

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