xbox one japanThe Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest gaming console at the moment and it is in direct competition with the likes of the Sony PlayStation 4, and possibly the Nintendo Wii U if you want to take into account all next-gen consoles. Now the console has recently been released in Japan and according to the initial reports, things weren’t looking very good.

However in a follow up report, if you thought the initial numbers were horrible, then prepare to be flabbergasted by the new numbers. Now for those who missed our earlier report, the Xbox One had managed to sell 25,674 units in Japan in its first four days. However in the week that followed, Microsoft had only managed to sell a meager 3,015 units, making it around 8 times less than the first week alone!

To put this into perspective, the Xbox 360 when first launched in Japan in 2005, managed to sell over 60,000 units in the first two days. That alone was more than what the Xbox One managed to achieve in four days. As Kotaku noted, there were plenty of gamers who checked out Microsoft’s booth at the Tokyo Game Show, so it certainly is odd as to why the console isn’t selling.

Granted Japan is just one market that Microsoft is in, but for now it sounds like Sony is clearly leading the way, and if things don’t change, an analyst’s earlier prediction about how Sony could end up dominating the console space might actually come true.

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