Now here is something that all of your DIY fans might want to look into – the NES Power Glove. Originally released a quarter of a century ago, this has proven to be one of the major hardware failures by Nintendo, having achieved just about ridicule in the technology and gaming industries instead of ushering in a new era of gaming. Basically, the NES Power Glove was specially designed with the intention of delivering motion and gesture control to the masses. Well, someone actually took the NES Power Glove and turned it into an actual, working controller for a full-body rave suit.

Greg Sowell happened to take this NES Power Glove and tinker with its innards, having included an Arduino Pro Mini within, before working on individually addressable LED strips and assembling them into a resemblance of a humanoid form. As a result, you end up with an LED light suit – and not only that, this unique LED light suit will be controlled via the NES Power Glove that is worn around the wearer’s waist, now how about that for setting up your own make-believe Tron storyline? This is a perfect example of taking something that is virtually unwanted and making it cool.

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