mac miniYesterday and after what seemed like a really long time, Apple finally announced an update to the Mac mini computer. For those looking for an inconspicuous computer that can be used to perform simple tasks, we suppose the Mac mini is a pretty affordable option. The new Mac minis will all come with 8GB of RAM by default (4GB for the base model), but if you wanted more RAM, there is an option to upgrade to 16GB at $200.

Now $200 is a lot to spend for RAM and you’re probably thinking that maybe you could buy a RAM upgrade kit like for the iMac. Well unfortunately you can’t. According to a report by Macminicolo, it turns out that the RAM in the Mac mini has been soldered, meaning that it is not user accessible.

This means that you will not be able to upgrade the RAM by yourself, and that if you wanted more RAM, you’ll have to pay Apple via their online store to upgrade it to 16GB, which is also the maximum that it will go up to. Granted 16GB of RAM is more than enough if you’re using a Mac mini, but we suppose there are some customers who like to have the freedom of choice.

The Mac mini starts at $499 and the top of the line model is priced at $999, although this is still with 8GB of RAM, so if you were to bump its RAM you can expect to fork out $1,199 for the entire setup, flash-based storage upgrades notwithstanding.

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