steam-canadaAccording to the recent numbers released by Net Applications, it was revealed that Windows 7 remains the dominant operating system. In fact their numbers has shown that Windows 7 has actually increased in market share by a bit. While Net Applications tracks based on web traffic, Valve’s Steam platform tracks via video games, so how do the numbers match up?


Well according to Steam’s numbers, Windows 7 also remains the dominant operating system as far as gaming is concerned. It is being used by 47.73% of all gamers on the Steam platform, although it did drop a bit by 0.35% compared to the previous month. This is slightly different from what Net Applications had offered.

As far as Windows 8/8.1 is concerned, Valve found that both versions have a combined usage of 28.96% of all gaming rigs on their platform. This is actually an increase from 27.81% last month. Oddly enough this is far more than what Net Applications had reported, which is a combined usage of 12.26%, although we can’t be sure what’s with the discrepancy.

In any case all of this seems to be in line with earlier reports that suggested that even though Windows 7 continued to be the most dominant, Windows 8/8.1 users are on the rise, albeit not as quickly as we’re sure Microsoft has hoped. Will it be a different story for Windows 10? We guess we will just have to wait and see.

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