infintiy keyboardMechanical keyboards are lauded by those who play games, those who write, those who code, or for those who just love it for how it sounds like and how it feels under their fingers, but is there such a thing as the perfect mechanical keyboard? After all there are many types of designs, different types of switches, sizes, and etc.

Well the folks at Massdrop have decided to poll the community to find out just what mechanical keyboard users in general thought would make the perfect mechanical keyboard. Speaking to the folks at Gizmodo, Massdrop’s CEO Steve El-Hage said it was similar to crowdfunding efforts like Kickstarter.

infintiy keyboard 2“It’s kind of like a Kickstarter project. You have people who are really passionate and knowledgeable about one thing, but the skill set required to mass-manufacture that product is very different.” The end result? Dubbed the Infinity keyboard, this is a highly customizable and programmable keyboard with a very sleek and somewhat sexy finish.

infintiy keyboard 3Users will be able to choose between a “Standard” or “Hacker” layout, with the differences being in the length of certain keys, like the ALT button, space bar, and so on. Users will also be able to choose between Cherry MX or Matias keyboard switches. Sounds good, right? Well the downside is that users will have to assemble the keyboard themselves.

According to Massdrop, “This keyboard comes as a kit and must be self-assembled. This is a simple task that requires about an hour of your time and a soldering iron. The only components that need to be assembled are the mechanical switches, as the circuit board has built-in diodes and components.”

In any case if this sounds like a keyboard you wouldn’t mind checking out and ordering one for yourself, head on over to its website (requires users to register before you can access the product page) for the details.

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