apple-watcheditionApple CEO Tim Cook did mention in an interview recently that he has anticipated for future Apple Watch users to charge up their smartwatch every single day – citing that the main cause behind doing so is due to the fact that Apple Watch users will use it a whole lot. Nevertheless, Tim Cook remained rather silent on the upcoming Apple Watch’s hardware specifications, but has reiterated a rather strong belief that the Apple Watch will last for approximately one day on a full charge.

Cook was quoted to have said, “You’re going to wind up charging it daily.” Nothing surprising at all from that statement, really, since it does seem to line up with other previous estimates. Perhaps Apple is still trying to find a magic formula when it comes to ensuring that the Apple Watch will be able to last the distance, since the company tends to flaunt the battery life of their devices upon announcement. During September’s unveiling of the Apple Watch, nothing was said about it, and neither was there word concerning the availability and price point.

What do you think about the upcoming Apple Watch? If users are going to make use of it so much, does this mean that there really isn’t any need for an iPhone? Most probably not, and it is more of transferring the frequency of usage from one device to another – but will it offer a whole lot more convenience rather than the novelty factor? All of those remain as questions to be answered until the real deal arrives.

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