ios811When iOS 7 was released, there was a mad rush to get the update. This was a major update in terms of features and visuals as it basically added completely new graphics to the iOS system, which prior to that only received minor visual updates every now and then. iOS 8 on the other hand while featuring major new features of its own, did not appear to be too compelling.

Initial reports revealed that the update was not as quickly adopted compared to iOS 7, and a report from last month revealed that the update’s adoption rate had somewhat stagnated. Well it looks like things are moving once again. According to the latest numbers released by Apple on their App Store support page for developers, iOS 8’s market share amongst iOS devices is currently sitting at 56%.

This is actually a pretty big increase over last month where it was sitting at 47%. We can’t be sure why there is a sudden uptick in users update to iOS 8, but chances are it could be the release of iOS 8.1 late last month that included Apple Pay. It could also be that Apple has since stopped signing for iOS 7, thus forcing users to stick with iOS 8.

That being said it does seem that adoption of iOS 8 is slower than iOS 7 and we have to wonder if Apple will be able to see the same adoption rate iOS 7 saw prior to the release of iOS 8.

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