adoption8v7-6When iOS 7 was released last year, many rushed to download the operating system. This is because not only did the OS introduce new features, it also introduced a major visual overhaul which some felt was long overdue. In fact according to reports, iOS 7’s adoption rate was at 52% in its first week.

So how does iOS 8 fare? Well according to the folks at Tapjoy, a mobile app tech platform who gets over 200 million iOS impressions a month from their ad network, it would seem that while iOS 8’s adoption is steady, it is a tad slower compared to iOS 7. In fact if the graph above is accurate, it would seem that its adoption is slower than that of iOS 6.

adoption-by-device-8Breaking it down by device, Tapjoy found that iPod users were the ones who had really jumped on the iOS 8 bandwagon. They found that 7.65% of iPod users had updated to iOS 8 after 18 hours of the software being released. This is compared to iPhone users who were at 6.6% and iPad users who were at 3.96%.

In some ways this isn’t surprising as iOS 8 did not bring about the same visual changes that iOS 7 did, so for some users perhaps the new features of iOS 8 might not be worth updating to for you. It is also possible that performance issues could be the reason some are holding back. According to an earlier report, the iPhone 4S running on iOS 8 did not exactly prove to be a great experience, but what say you? Have you updated to iOS 8 yet?

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