lol playerRiot Games’ League of Legends is an incredibly popular game. In fact a recent study found that out of all MMOs available out there, League of Legends has managed to pull the most revenue at around the $1 billion mark despite it being a free-to-play game. That being said, have you ever wondered if the game is that popular, are its gamers just as popular?

Well according to reports, it seems that one of the top League of Legends players in the world is worth close to a cool $1 million! The player in question is none other than South Korea’s Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. It seems that the Korean media has managed to unearth information on how much Chinese companies have offered to get their hands on these professional League of Legends gamers.

This is an impressive amount of money, especially when you consider that $1 million is also around the price that one might see from player purchases in regular sports, although the superstars do command a much higher rate, but still an impressive accomplishment from the eSport scene nonetheless.

League of Legends has come a long way. In fact professional gamers have been recognized as professional athletes and have been granted US visas. There are also universities which recognize the skill behind such games and have offered professional gamers scholarships as well.

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