3drudderWhen it comes to getting an idea off the ground but not having enough dough to do so, crowdfunding seems to be the most popular route that budding inventors take these days. After all, it does give you an idea on how many other people out there actually do share your passion and vision of the future with that particular product, while the early adopters who are willing to invest in your idea end up with a bargain should the funding goal be met. The 3DRudder is a revolutionary 3D navigation and motion controller which ought to rock the gaming and design markets should it be realized.

Created by a team of 3D and Virtual Reality enthusiasts who have been knee deep in their involvement in gaming and 3D design (architect, entrepreneur, electronics and avionics engineer, software engineer, game developer, you name it), the 3DRudder was thought up of after they were frustrated by current navigation and motion solutions.

One would use one’s feet to control the 3DRudder, where you make use of it while seated. Rest your feet on it, and you’re good to go – tilting the device in the right direction will get the job done. Rotating it would also imply a similar in-game movement, while the pedal lets the user move either up or down. It might not sound like much, but it claims to be extremely precise – which is a good thing, really. I do wonder what the learning curve is like on this.

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