touch-id-pattern-lockTouch ID is a feature Apple introduced in the iPhone 5s that allowed users to unlock their phone and enter their Apple ID password without having to type anything as it uses fingerprint recognition. While it does seem to be pretty secure enough, could it be even more secure? Well an Apple patent discovered by AppleInsider seems to suggest so.

According to the patent filed by Apple, it seems that they are considering combining the use of Touch ID along with pattern unlocking as you can see in the image above. From what we can tell, basically you can draw out the pattern via Touch ID meaning that there would be a double layer of security (your fingerprint and the correct unlock pattern).

Another possible layer of security includes turning some kind of dial like you would safe, so users would have to enter the correct combination in order to unlock the phone. This seems to be a bit slower than just using Touch ID to unlock it directly, but we guess some users can appreciate the extra security.

However with these being patents, it’s hard to tell if and when Apple will make them a reality, but what do you guys think of them? Would you like to see either one of these methods made a reality in future iOS updates one day? Or do you think that Touch ID is secure enough?

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