bose appleAccording to a report yesterday, it was “confirmed” that Bose’s products would be making their return to Apple’s stores. The original rumor had suggested a return next week, but it looks like Bose’s audio products have made an earlier than expected return. According to reports, if you were to do a quick search for “bose” on Apple’s website, you will find three Bose products listed.

This includes a pair of in-ear headphones and two Bluetooth speakers in the form of the SoundLink Mini and the SoundLink III. However as to whether Bose’s products will be returning to the stores this week remains to be seen, so perhaps the rumor could be half-right and that Bose’s products will return to Apple’s physical stores next week.

It is unclear as to why Apple had decided to remove Bose’s products in the first place. If you were thinking it might compete against Beats, that does make sense, however Bose was the only brand removed from the store as other audio products remained on sale. This led to speculation that the lawsuit between Bose and Beats could be to blame.

However now that Bose has since settled the issue with Beats, we guess the business partnership between both companies will resume. Either way if you had your eye on Bose’s products and wanted to get them from the Apple store, you now can.

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