bose-speakerA couple of months ago there were rumors that Apple could be removing Bose’s products from their stores. Those rumors were later proven to be true which is disappointing for customers who were looking to pick up some Bose products from Apple’s retail stores. Well the good news is that Apple could be looking to restock Bose’s products in their stores once again.

This is according to French Apple website (via MacRumors) who claims that Apple stores have recently begun to receive shipments of Bose products and that the restocking of Bose products could take place as soon as next week. It is unclear as to why Apple decided to remove Bose’s products in the first place, and why they could have a change of heart now.

Previously it had been speculated that this could be due to a lawsuit between Bose and Beats, and given that Apple now owns Beats, it could have been Apple’s way of retaliating against the lawsuit. However the lawsuit between Bose and Beats was later settled so perhaps that could be a reason as to why Apple has decided to reinstate Bose’s audio products in their stores.

With that in mind, does this mean that we could eventually expect Fitbit’s products to be reinstated in Apple’s stores as well? Fitbit’s products were similarly removed from Apple’s stores without any explanation. While some might argue it could be because Apple doesn’t want an Apple Watch competitor, it should be noted that the Cupertino is still selling other fitness products from Jawbone and other companies.

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