sony_pictures_logoAs it stands there is still no clue as to who might have hacked Sony Pictures. In one instance one of the hacks has been traced to a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, but the demand that Sony Pictures pull The Interview movie has some speculating that North Korea could be behind it. After all North Korea did kick up a fuss when the movie was first announced.

In fact there has been some evidence to suggest North Korea’s involvement, although North Korea has since denied it. Well if you’re still thinking it could be North Korea, you might be mistaken as the FBI themselves claim that they could not find any evidence of North Korea’s involvement in the hack.

Speaking at a cybersecurity conference, the assistant director of the FBI’s cyber division Joe Demarest was quoted as saying that “there is no attribution to North Korea at this point.” This is despite the fact that the attack package was compiled in Korean. What this means is that we still have no clues as to who might be behind it.

The hackers have since sent Sony Pictures employees threatening messages and have since released a ton of leaked information, such as celebrity aliases, emails between studio execs and actors/actresses, and so on. It also does not appear that the hacks will be slowing down anytime soon either.

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