sony_pictures_logoWe’re sure by now pretty much everyone has heard of the hack on Sony Pictures. Now the question is was Sony’s security inadequate to begin with, or were the hackers simply too good for Sony’s defenses? Well an earlier report had suggested that Sony was warned but did nothing, and now according to a report from The Intercept, it looks like the FBI foresaw a similar hack and had tried to warn Sony about it.

According to the report, the FBI had sent out a warning to critical infrastructure organizations, such as energy providers, warning them that a potential data-destruction hack could take place in 2014 which is similar to the one suffered by Sony. While the message was meant for critical infrastructure organizations, Sony could have potentially been warned about it, but why weren’t they?

Well basically once the message had been sent to these organizations, FBI spokesman Paul Bresson stated that it was then up to distribution channels, such as InfraGard, to deliver the message “as appropriate” to organizations that might need to know about it. However it seems that Sony and other companies were left out of the loop which is another possible reason why Sony weren’t as prepared as they should be.

However at this point in time it’s hard to say if Sony had gotten the message and responded appropriately would they be in the situation they are now, but hopefully now that Sony’s records have been made embarrassingly public that other companies will start taking their security a lot more seriously in the future.

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