sony_pictures_logoYou might recall that several years ago, Sony’s PSN was hacked and while your first thought might be that it isn’t Sony’s fault but the hackers’, it turns out that Sony was to blame due to poor security which also landed them in a spot of trouble as they were slapped with a fine due to the poor security.

Well as it turns out it looks like Sony did not learn their lesson, either that or someone forgot to tell Sony Pictures that maybe they should pay more attention to their security. According to a recently leaked security audit, it turns out that Sony had been warned of multiple security incidents by Sony’s very own Global Security Incident Response Team.

In fact the report claims that there were 193 security incidents that were escalated to SPE Corporate IT between September 2013 to June 2014, but Sony’s corporate security were reportedly slow to react and left more than 100 devices unmonitored. Corrective actions based on the report were promised to be taken by the end of October 2014 but it seems that nothing actually took place or was completed.

So far it looks like the hack on Sony Pictures is continuing with the hackers releasing a steady barrage of leaked information, including the salaries of its executives, email exchanges between studio execs and celebrities. However a recent report has suggested that Sony is fighting back by launching DDoS attacks against the hackers themselves.

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