There may be many crowdfunding solutions available online by only two names pop up consistently when you talk about raising money from people on the internet, Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The latter has announced a new service called Indiegogo Life which lets people seek crowdfunding for major life events, like a wedding for example.

Indiegogo notes that this feature shouldn’t be considered as a system for charities. It is primarily geared towards users who want to come together and mutually support an individual, even help out a whole family anonymously through a tough time.

Indiegogo Life was created after feedback started coming in about the website’s ability to easily put together an online fundraiser. “Personal cause” campaigns have increased over the past few months says Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin, so this should address the needs of people who need to generate money that can be put towards a major life event.

The company charges a small amount of money on conventional projects funded through the website but that’s not the case with Indiegogo Lifestyle, because all of the campaigns on it will be free.  The overall process has been streamlined as well with tools like analytics and dashboard removed to make things simpler for Indiegogo Life users.

Indiegogo Live has gone live today.

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