The day virtual reality enthusiasts have been waiting for is finally here. Samsung’s VR headset, developed in collaboration with Oculus, is called the Gear VR and we first saw it back in September when it was announced at IFA 2014. The company has made us wait for a couple of months before selling the headset but the wait is now over. Starting today the Gear VR headset can be purchased for $199.

It merits mentioning here that the Gear VR is a lot different from headsets like the Oculus Rift. It doesn’t have a display of its own rather it depends upon a Galaxy Note 4. So $199 will basically get you a VR headset that requires a Galaxy Note 4 to function, which has to be purchased separately.

Those who are interested in picking one up can either head over to AT&T’s website or through Samsung’s U.S. website. The company had previously said that it would start selling the headset around December and it has stuck to that timeframe.

Even though anyone and everyone can purchase this headset, Samsung is billing it as the “Innovator Edition,” so its more like a mass beta test of sorts as opposed to a full-fledged consumer launch.

The company has not confirmed as yet if and when its virtual reality headset will be released in other markets around the globe.

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