Just last weekend, Capcom had announced Street Fighter V. This is the next title in the Street Fighter series and if you’re wondering how the game plays, you might be pleased to learn that gameplay footage has been revealed. This is from an official broadcast held over the weekend during the Capcom Cup in which two characters – Ryu and Chun Li – can be seen duking it out against one another.

This is based on the PlayStation 4 footage and according to the video’s title, gamers will be pleased to learn that it will be played at 60fps that will ensure fluid animation. That being said the graphics look pretty good, the game looks pretty fun, and it also appears that there are some new mechanics and features in the game.

As noted by Eurogamer, both characters start with a different amount of EX bars, with Chun Li starting with 3 while Ryu starts with two. Using these meters will open up new skills that players can use for a short period of time. The gameplay also appears to be more dynamic and destroying the environment will affect the next round the fight takes place in.

Eurogamer noticed that when Chun Li crashes against a wall, a bowl of noodles falls on her head and she continues wearing it in the next round, so there’s some consistency at least. So far Street Fighter V is shaping up to be a pretty awesome looking game. Still no word on when exactly the game will be released, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled anyway. In the meantime you can check out the gameplay footage in the video above.

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