the interviewAfter debating how and whether or not to release The Interview, Sony Pictures has decided to release the movie online where users could watch it from a variety of different sources, such as Google Play,, Xbox Video, and YouTube Movies. That being said in terms of piracy, the movie is a hit with torrent users, but what about those watching it through popular channels?

Well as it turns out the movie is a hit amongst YouTubers as well as the movie was recently managed to top YouTube’s Popular Right Now charts. Of course it remains to be seen in the coming days if the movie will be able to hold its position into 2015, but for now it looks like the video has managed to achieve top status despite it being released recently.

Now there are some who have criticized the movie for being a bad movie, but we guess it’s safe to say that despite the negative reviews, the movie has managed to garner a lot of attention thanks to the recent hack on Sony Pictures in which the hackers threatened Sony not to release the movie, or else.

Sony had initially cancelled the movie’s theatrical release for Christmas day before having a change of heart by releasing it online. The movie has reportedly managed to rake in $1 million on Christmas day ticket sales according to reports from Variety and Deadline. So, have any of you guys managed to catch the movie yet?

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