the-interviewFollowing the hack on Sony Pictures and the threats made by the hackers, Sony has decided to cancel the theatrical release of the comedy “The Interview”. Recently Sony had commented saying that they’re still exploring their options on how best to distribute the movie (it seems that they aren’t backing down a second time), with Sony’s Crackle service being a rumored possibility which has since been debunked.

Well it looks like if Sony doesn’t come up with an idea soon, hacker group Anonymous might do their job for them. Anonymous has posted a series of tweets in which they lambasted Sony for giving into the hackers’ demands so easily and also offered to release the movie themselves as a “Christmas present” for internet users.

According to Anonymous, “We’re not with either side, we just want to watch the movie too…and soon you too will be joining us. Sorry, @SonyPictures.” Of course it remains to be seen if Anonymous will really follow through with their claims, but if Sony were to distribute the movie for free anyway then we guess this won’t really have that much of an impact, save for the fact that Sony won’t be able to control how and where it is being distributed.

That being said the recent spate of hacks have definitely done an extremely good job of marketing and promoting the movie, a move we’re not sure the hackers had intended but either way are you looking forward to checking it out?

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