sf5As you might have heard, Capcom has recently confirmed that Street Fighter V will be an exclusive title for PlayStation 4 consoles and the PC. This is not a timed exclusive but a permanent one, much like how Xbox gamers have the Halo franchise, while PlayStation gamers have God of War.

That being said we’re sure that many Xbox gamers are disappointed to learn about this exclusivity, but the good news is that Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer will not be taking it lying down and has promised gamers that he plans to do something about it. While we doubt he will be able to get Street Fighter V onto the Xbox One, Spencer mentioned on Twitter that he plans on making amends.

In response to a question posed by an Xbox gamer, Spencer wrote, “Love the idea of game franchise bartering, I’ll work on making amends for SF.” It is unclear as to what Spencer has planned at the moment, but we guess it’s good news that he’s working at trying to make things right by Xbox gamers.

It should be noted that the Xbox One has an exclusive fighting title in the form of Killer Instinct, although to be fair it does not have the same classic feel to it unlike the Street Fighter franchise, but what do you guys think?

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