lg-audi-webos-watch[CES 2015] It was just yesterday when we caught whiff of the smartwatch from LG and Audi, making it one of the most desirable smartwatches that we have seen in recent times. The thing is, the beautiful looking timepiece was thought to run on Android Wear – or at least one variant of it, but upon closer inspection, it runs on webOS instead. Here is a little bit of trivia – this particular smartwatch still remains nameless, which means everyone can go nuts trying to give it a moniker.


To have it run on webOS is certainly a surprising development, especially when you take into consideration how webOS was originally developed by Palm, a company that has since closed its doors some time back. webOS rolled out with the Pre smartphone more than half a decade ago, and it was subsequently snapped up by HP in 2010 before webOS ended up as an open source project three years back.

LG apparently picked up the proprietary segments (with others who also have an interest in it)in 2013, and so here we are with their masterpiece – German engineering and South Korean consumer electronics finesse. Needless to say, since this is but a prototype at the moment, there is every chance of it ending up as something else entirely in due time, perhaps on Android Wear? Who knows, really?

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