apple logoEricsson has tangled with Samsung in the courtroom before, and the legal battles between Samsung and Apple are well documented. Having said that, it seems as though we are going to see another courtroom battle fought out – this time with Ericsson and Apple being the two “contestants”, so to speak. Ericsson’s main complaint would be on Apple’s use of its technology in their range of iPhones.

Ericsson of Sweden has already filed a complaint against Apple in a US court over this matter, and it is not just Apple’s use of its technology in the flagship iPhone that irks the company, but also in other wireless devices. This arose after Apple themselves filed a case in a US court against Ericsson, citing that Ericsson’s fourth generation mobile LTE wireless technology patents are not crucial to industry standards, and that Ericsson has been harsh in asking for way too high of a fee when it comes to renewing a licensing agreement.

Kasim Alfalahi, Ericsson’s head of intellectual property, shared, “We have made an offer to Apple which is in accordance with our fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory commitment.” It is touted that Ericsson’s licensing system does “not discriminate against any player in the industry.” Who do you think is “correct” in this matter?

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