The Gmail app has a pretty decent design and its more than capable of handling email. A few months back Google launched another app called Inbox that changes the way email is managed on a mobile device. The app still requires invites before it can be used and today is the first full day of Google providing invites for Inbox. Anyone can get an invite today if they send in their requests on time.


In the past Google has opened up invites to people for a few hours. This is the first time that it is guaranteeing invites to anyone and everyone who sends in a request. Be sure to send your request between now and 9am PST tomorrow.

The process is pretty easy. Simply send a blank email to from a personal Gmail account. Inbox currently only works with personal Gmail accounts.

If you use email provided by an organization or school using Google Apps for Work you won’t be able to use Inbox.

Once Google receives the request it guarantees that an invite will be sent. However since its definitely going to receive a lot of requests it may take some time before invites are rolled out for all those who want one.

Rest assured if you send the email within these 24 hours you’re certainly going to get one.

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