griffin ampLooking to help boost your audio? For those who are serious about their audio quality, getting a dedicate audio amplifier is a step towards that direction and if you’re looking for a new audio amplifier, you’re in luck as Griffin has recently announced the Twenty. This is the latest audio product from Griffin and it is also an audio amplifier that will play nicely with a variety of devices.

Not just designed for speakers, the Twenty will also play nicely with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and other electronic hardware such as consoles, and even televisions. With its relatively portable size, you could even bring this on the road with you or move it around the house if you wish.

The amplifier will offer the user 20 watts per channel and will sport a weighted aluminum knob. It will connect to existing speakers and will feature Bluetooth support. The Twenty will also come with an included TOSLINK cable that will allow it to connect to optical devices, or a device like Apple’s AirPort Express and the Apple TV.

It will come with built-in streaming codecs like AAC and aptX and will also be able to connect to an existing subwoofer. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the device, it will be priced at $149 for the amplifier alone, $249 for a speaker bundle, or $599 for a speaker and subwoofer bundle.

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