Nokia was one of the most iconic handset manufacturers that the world has ever seen, but it fell on hard times and had to unload its devices division to Microsoft. Since then the company has launched a new tablet which is only being sold in China for now. Looks like Nokia is headed for a partnership with a Chinese company. Rumor has it that Nokia is going to partner up with Meizu for a new smartphone.

Meizu is an up and coming manufacturer based in China. Its recent devices like the MX4 and MX4 Pro have been very well received in the country. The problem is that Meizu doesn’t have much exposure in the West and even though it wants to sell its smartphones in these lucrative markets, it doesn’t quite have the strategy locked in to compete with companies that are already present in the West.

That’s where Nokia comes in, if reports out of China can be relied upon, both Meizu and Nokia are rumored to work on a smartphone codenamed MX4 Supreme. This smartphone will be similar to Meizu’s recent devices in design and build quality but Nokia will be the one that decides internal specifications, color and software.

As part of its deal with Microsoft Nokia isn’t allowed to commercialize smartphones under its own brand so Meizu will sell this smartphone with its own branding.

It merits mentioning here that this is just a rumor at this stage and no confirmations have come in. Even though it looks plausible on paper you’d better stick with that grain of salt for now.

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