The Lizard Squad has struck again it seems. This is the group that claimed responsibility for knocking down PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live over Christmas 2014 and recently it broke into the Malaysia Airlines website. Lizard Squad’s latest victim appears to beone of the most popular celebrities on social media. Taylor Swift Twitter and Instagram were hacked today and there are plenty ofindicators that this was a Lizard Squad job.

A short while back a tweet was sent out from Taylor Swift’s Twitter account urging her more than 51 million followers to follow @veriuser, the tweet itself was suspicious, and so was the account that it mentioned.

The second tweet brought a shout out for @lizzard which is the biggest indication that Lizard Squad is behind this breach. Her Instagram account was compromised as well and a photo was uploaded which implored followers to follow a user going by @Trash.

Taylor Swift was quick to clarify through her Tumblr thatTwitter was aware of this hack and was deleting those tweets while her account had been locked in the meantime.

It probably wasn’t a hack that required a high skill level. Phishing attacks are the most common reason why this happens and this time around it was Taylor’s turn. Similar incidents have happened in the past as well, like the 2013 hack of Associated Press Twitter account which spread panic as hackers posted fake tweets about bombings at the White House.

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