wind-treeWhen it comes to going green, renewable energy is one particular aspect to look into. Solar power, hydroelectricity – and of course, a wind turbine would be able to offer their fair share of contribution. Having said that, wind turbines normally work best where power generation is concerned when they arrive in a large form factor, and of course, mounted high up so that it can capture the brunt of the wind’s strength. While convenient, it is not the most aesthetically pleasing thing to look at. A possible solution to offer both form and function would be the Wind Tree, which is an array of wind power turbines that – you’ve guessed it, arrive in the form of a tree.

A bunch of these will be deployed in Paris later this coming March as part of a test drive, and the company known as NewWind would be the one behind this project. The Wind Tree will come with 72 artificial leaves, and each one of them will sport a vertical axis turbine that has a minor resemblance to a conical shape. Each one of these have a tiny mass, and are capable of generating power even with a gentle breeze of as slow as 2 meters per second (4.4 mph). Total power output across all 72 turbines has been estimated to be at 3.1 kW, while larger traditional turbines will be able to produce even more power. At least there is no need to sweep up the leaves from this “tree”. Expect each tree to cost around €29,500 a pop.

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