alibaba-taobao-droneAlibaba, the company that recently dropped another $10 million worth of investment into OUYA, is currently looking into the possibilities of unveiling a drone delivery system down the road. In fact, Alibaba is in the midst of testing out drone deliveries, as Alibaba’s major online marketplace Taobao has decided to work alongside Shanghai YTO Express in order to carry out an ongoing test program from February 4 to 6.

There will be 450 customers in all who will be able to have the privilege of seeing a drone drop off their orders. Of course, you are unable to simply place whatever order that you like, since this is but a test at the moment, which means the delivery will involve just a particular brand of ginger tea that will feature brown sugar within, and drinking this tea is meant to alleviate one’s discomfort where menstrual cramps are concerned.

The packages in the delivery will need to be 340 grams or lighter, and it seems that it has a delivery time of just an hour, now how about that for efficiency? Needless to say, customers will have to live within a certain radius of specific distribution sites over in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. Do you think that this drone delivery system will be a success over in China?

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