Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise could very well be the greatest weakness of the company – despite it being its greatest strength. After all, they have not released anything outside of the Angry Birds franchise since its initial success story that could come close to emulating the previous download figures. Well, you know what they say – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The thing is, the world is not going to remain enamored with Angry Birds forever, just sayin’. Well, here we are with more milestone reports from Rovio, where the Angry Birds Season NBA ‘’Ham Dunk’’ episode has been played more than 375 million times since October last year, and in order to jive with the NBA All-Star Game ‘’Ham Dunk’’, there will be 15 all new NBA All-Star levels – in addition to an extra challenging Golden Egg level for the hardcore gamers.

No doubt that these levels will be a new addition to the basketball-themed NBA Ham Dunk episode, and thanks to this new update, players are able to give the Shockwave power-up a go once each level in the new All-Star levels. Of course, what is an update without its fair share of additions? As mentioned earlier, there is a new unlockable Golden Egg level, alongside new Pig Days levels that highlight wacky holidays all through the calendar year. [Press Release]

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