aperture app storeLast year Apple announced that they would cease the development of their photo editing software Aperture. This meant that the version you’re using is probably the version you’re stuck with. Instead Apple would be launching an app called Photos which will combine some of Aperture’s editing functions and the iPhotos app.

The goal is to create a more user-friendly app that will come with the right amount of editing tools that won’t overwhelm the user, but will be enough for professionals if they just need to make some light edits. Apple has since updated its Aperture page (via MacRumors) in which they note that the app will no longer be available via the Mac App Store upon the release of Photos.

So far there are some who aren’t too thrilled about the Photos app, feeling that many tools are still missing, although hopefully by the time it was exited the beta, new features would be added, or at least planned to be added in future updates. Thankfully those who have already bought and paid for Aperture will still be able to download the app via the “Purchases” tab.

So in the event you decide to format your computer or get a new Mac and if Photos isn’t as powerful as you’d like it to be, you will still be able to get your hands on Aperture via the Mac App Store, but only if you’ve owned it previously.

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