beats musicWhen Apple acquired Beats, many were wondering what would become of Beats Music and iTunes Radio, both of which are similar-ish in nature in the sense that they’re both music streaming platforms. However later rumors suggested that we could be looking at a possible rebranding or maybe a new music streaming service powered by Beats.

That being said assuming all of this is true, when can we expect this alleged new music service to be launched? According to the folks at Billboard, they claim that the new service could very well launch in the summer which is also around the same time when Apple will be holding their WWDC event, so a possible announcement then might not be completely out of the question.

In fact it was recently that the folks at 9to5Mac reported that iOS 8.4 could be the version of iOS that introduces the new service, and given that we’re still on iOS 8.1 and with other versions reportedly being tested, a summer launch would seem likely. There have also been reports that the development of the new service isn’t going as well as Apple would like.

Sources have called the situation a “mess” which is why it is launching a bit later than we had previously heard. Either way take it with a grain of salt for now, but it will be interesting to see how this rumored revamped music service will compete with the likes of Spotify who is currently leading the market.

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