beats musicAs some of you guys might have read by now, iOS 9 is said to be focusing on under the hood improvements to the operating system, which could also mean that newer features and services might see an earlier or later release instead. However thankfully it seems that it could be earlier, according to a  report from 9to5Mac.

According to the publication, it seems that Apple is working on multiple builds of iOS 8 which includes iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, and iOS 8.4 based on the site’s Google Analytics. We’re not sure if Apple will have enough time to release all these builds ahead of iOS 9, but if the rumors are true, iOS 8.4 will introduce Apple’s new music service which would basically be the rumored Beats Music overhaul that we have been hearing about.

However as 9to5Mac notes, their sources have informed them that Apple is only considering releasing the new music service with iOS 8.4 at the moment, which means that Apple’s plans could very well change and that they might reserve the release for iOS 9 instead. There is really no telling when iOS 8.2-8.4 will be released, but WWDC is usually when Apple announces their next major iOS revision, so maybe we could hear about it before or during the event.

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