monopoly-real-moneyNow here is a quick pop quiz – just how much is the total amount of cash that a Monopoly set carries right out of the box? A whole lot, actually, and it seems that there is some sort of Golden Ticket-inspired moment by toy maker Hasbro as they celebrate the 80th anniversary of Monopoly’s release over in France through the replacement of fake Monopoly money using actual cash. Yes, cold, hard cash that can be spent as it is legal tender.


This real-world money will be inserted at random in a mere 80 out of a total of 30,000 specially branded editions of Monopoly. How will the money be divided? Only one – yes, just one of the sets will see every single note replaced with actual money, which would result in €20,580 if you happen to be the lucky one picking it up. Another 10 more sets will carry €300 in twenties, fifties, and a single €100 bill, whereas there will be a remaining 69 sets that will feature €150 ($170) in tens and twenties. Needless to say, all of them would total 80 sets – to commemorate the 80th anniversary.

Brand manager Florence Gaillard mentioned, “We wanted to do something unique. When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes.”

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