Monopoly is one of those board games that even in today’s digital gaming environment is still very relevant. In fact Hasbro has been trying to keep the game as relevant for as long as possible by launching variants of it themed around video games, such as the Skyrim-themed Monopoly set that was announced last year.

Now it looks like the company is back with a new Monopoly game that is themed around Nintendo’s Mario and is called Monopoly Gamer. It will not necessarily be the Monopoly that you grew up playing as it will feature things like new gold coin currency, powerups, and also boss battles, but the good news is that at its core players will still be able to buy and trade properties as they move around the board.

The game will come bundled with four tokens based on popular Mario characters: Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Donkey Kong (which isn’t from the Mario franchise). Each character has a “Super Star” ability that can be activated when landing on special spaces on the board. There will also be powerups that come in the form of a die, such as red shells, green shells, and so on.

It is an interesting take on the Monopoly game, but whether or not players will prefer this version over the regular version remains to be seen. Alternatively it also seems that the Monopoly game will also be arriving on the Nintendo Switch as announced earlier this year, so you could always check that out if you prefer.

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