samsung patentLast year Samsung took the wraps off the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. For those who might be unfamiliar with the device, it’s basically a smartphone where one side of its display is curved. This act as a secondary display of sorts and can be used to display contextual information, menu buttons, and more.

It is an interesting concept and if the rumors are to be believed, Samsung is looking to release a successor in the form of the Galaxy S Edge. However unlike the Galaxy Note Edge, the S Edge is rumored to feature two curved displays, one on each side, and it looks like Samsung has similar ideas too, thanks to a recently discovered patent by the folks at Patently Mobile.

As you can see in the diagram to the right, it shows off a handset where both sides of the phone are clearly curved. Presumably both sides will act as secondary displays and will also be able to display contextual information depending on what the phone is doing at the moment, like menu items, camera controls, music playback controls, and more.

However given that this is only a patent, it is hard to tell if Samsung will actually make it a reality, but then again the coincidence between the rumors and the patent design is hard to ignore, but either way we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information all the same.

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