Xiaomi_MiBand_smart_bracelet_6Despite Xiaomi’s products generally only available in China or certain parts of Asia, the company has had no problems moving a ton of product and making a lot of money in the process, but on the wearable front, how is the company doing? Well according to Xiaomi, the company has recently boasted that they have managed to ship over 1 million Xiaomi Mi Band devices in about 3 months.

The company has also boasted that during its peak, they even managed to sell a little over 100,000 Mi Bands. Given that the Mi Band is currently only available in China, these are some pretty impressive figures! Granted shipping figures does not equate to sales, but at the very least it does point towards demand for it.

It probably helped that the Mi Band is priced at an extremely affordable $13 (after conversion). The device includes sleep monitoring, an accelerometer, and a battery life that last 30 days, which are features that can be found on more expensive wearables, which is why it is understandable that the Xiaomi Mi Band is doing so well. We can only imagine how many the company can sell if they were to release it in more markets.

That being said, we have also heard that Xiaomi plans on entering the smartwatch market and we have to wonder how successful they will be then, especially when you consider that most smartwatches these days tend to be a bit pricey. What do you guys think? Are you surprised at the success of the Mi Band?

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