Modern Edison Bulbs

We all know that Edison Bulbs suck more energy in comparison to the energy efficient LEDs, but somehow, LEDs fail to add the same ambience to the room as the Edison Bulbs. With time energy saving has become a priority in most of the households and due to which Edison Bulbs have taken a backseat.

Interestingly, a London-based design label Buster & Punch, has come up with a stylish way to have the best of energy saving LEDs and mood-enhancing Edison bulbs. The company has recently launched LED light bulbs that are almost identical to the Edison bulbs that we all love.

Buster & Punch states on its website that, “The resin light pipe at the center of the bulb is where all the magic happens,”. “It allows the bulb to create a subtle ambient light, whilst at the same time throw focused spot light onto tables and surfaces below.” Although the bulbs look like Edison bulbs, but they are much more energy efficient and last longer.

These bulbs are available in Buster & Punch’s wide range of metals, finishes, and bulb types. These new bulbs also have fittings available in rose copper, smoked brass, and steel, and the bulbs are also available in crystal, smoked, or gold.

All being said, these bulbs re-create the ambiance like the Edison bulb, but they cost a lot more than that. A single unit of these Buster Bulbs will come for a price of $42, and the ones with snobbish calf leather shades will cost additional $188.

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