From time to time, we all suffer from stress whether it be work-related or personal, and if you were looking for a way to better manage that stress, perhaps the Emvio smartwatch might be a wearable you could be interested in. According to its creators, they have dubbed it as the first watch that has the ability to monitor your stress levels in real time.

How it works is that it has the ability to measure your pulse rate to determine on a scale of 1-10 how stressed you are feeling. The levels can be displayed on the smartwatch’s display itself so that users won’t have to turn to their smartphone to get more information. It will also only display at a press of a button so that your stress levels won’t be shown to the rest of the world.

Emvio also has the ability to vibrate when it detects that you are getting stressed so that you know you should start to calm yourself down. That being said the watch also can monitor your heart rate for non-stress related activities, such as when you’re working out, although we have to wonder if a stress app could be created for smartwatches thus negating the need for the Emvio to begin with.

In any case for those who might be interested in a device that can help manage their stress levels, perhaps the Emvio smartwatch is for you. To learn more or pledge your support you can head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details, or check out the video above.

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