google cocktailWe’re sure many of you guys have looked for cocktail recipes online only to be presented with a dozen or so websites that you will have to choose from. For the most part cocktail recipes are pretty standard but if you’d rather the information displayed to you at a glance, you will be interested to learn that Google will now display cocktail recipes directly in search results.

For example if you were to Google a cocktail recipe, you will see that it displays a brief description of the cocktail followed by the ingredients and the instructions on how to make one for yourself. It is a pretty handy feature for those looking for quick information and want to skip having to browse through multiple websites just to find what they’re looking for.

The latest addition follows a stream of “shortcuts” Google has included into Google search, such as looking up the weather for a particular country/area, performing mathematical equations, currency conversions, converting measurements, and more. We reckon there are probably tons of cocktail websites that might not be too pleased as it essentially takes traffic away from them, but for the end-user this is a quicker and more efficient solution, don’t you guys think so?

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