HTC live streamed an event today and announced a new protection plan for its flagship smartphone. The company also confirmed when its new device is going to hit shelves Stateside. During today’s Uh-Oh Protection event the HTC One M9 U.S. release date was confirmed. The company didn’t break down which carrier will offer the device when, all it said that when the handset will come out.

This means that at least one or more carriers could release the device on this date though we can’t expect all four to come out with the device on the same day. All four major carriers in the country have already confirmed that they will sell the HTC One M9.

HTC also confirmed during the event that it will not be launching a Google Play Edition variant of the One M9. It has done so in the past but won’t be taking part in the GPE program any more, as far as the flagship smartphone goes.

The official HTC One M9 U.S. release date is April 10th, which is interesting to say the least, because that’s also the date Samsung will release the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge on.

This can’t possibly be a coincidence. HTC wouldn’t want you to walk into a carrier store and not see its latest device alongside Samsung’s shiny new flagships.

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