nikon-p900Nikon has long been a household name when it comes to digital imaging technology, and their digital cameras have proven to cater for a wide range of users, starting from the entry level to the mid range and even professionals. Having said that, one of the latest models of digital cameras that hail from Nikon would be the Nikon Coolpix P900, where it claims to deliver excellent image quality alongside an ultra high-power zoom capability that is capable of covering up to 2000mm.

Yes sir, we are talking about superior telephoto shooting performance with 83x optical zoom here. This is the high end model in the high-performance COOLPIX P series of multi-functional compact digital cameras which are capable of supporting full-scale photography.

The Coolpix P900 basically defies conventional thinking when it comes to super-telephoto photography thanks to the implementation of a Super ED lens element in a lens which is capable of maintaining a speedy maximum aperture of f/6.5 at the maximum telephoto position, enabling it to dynamically achieve superior image quality with super-telephoto shooting.

Not only that, it will come with excellent basic performance alongside features such as Dual Detect Optical VR that supports camera shake compensation equivalent to a 5.0-stop increase in shutter speed, and a shooting time lag of approximately 0.12 s. Other features include an electronic viewfinder with built-in eye sensor, GPS/GLONASS/QZSS support that enables recording of location data with images, and support for NFC. Any takers? [Press Release]

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