ab-earthhourI am quite sure that most of us would have heard of Earth Hour by now, and the efforts that some companies such as Verizon go through to make a statement concerning Earth Hour such as turning off all lights for an hour across the numerous buildings that the company owns. Well, Rovio Entertainment, the house behind Angry Birds, would also participate this March 28th where the 8th annual Earth Hour lights-off event is concerned. While most folks would turn off all lights for an hour from 8:30 pm onward wherever they are, Angry Birds friends would take things one step further.

Just what radical step would that be? Well, the Angry Birds Friends game would be shutting down for 60 minutes on March 28th, and needless to say, it will begin at 8:30 pm. Do take note that it would be 8:30 pm Finland time, so you might want to perform some mental calculation and know just what time that would be locally so that you do not end up being surprised. That means no bird flinging and pig crushing for an entire hour, but fret not, this purposeful downtime will last for an entire hour only, no more, no less, and be back online at 9:30 pm (again, Finland time). [Press Release]

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