jobs-biopicThe late Steve Jobs has certainly left quite an impression upon the masses, and while his life has already spawned at least one movie, there will be an upcoming biopic which will star Michael Fassbender, one of the fast rising starlets in Hollywood. In fact, the upcoming biopic is said to feature recreated scenes of the famous unveiling of the world’s first iMac – an iconic machine all the way back in the previous century (1998, to be exact).

Steve Jobs made an official return to the company he co-founded in late 1996, where Apple picked up NeXT, and in the following year, he regained his position as CEO. 1998 saw Steve Jobs take charge of the unveiling of the original iMac, which marked a new era in the company as well as the direction that they were embarking on, which will eventually see Apple grow its market capitalization to become the behemoth that it is today.

That historical event, known prophetically as “Back on Track,” was held on May 6, 1998, when Jobs was just 43. The iMac, designed by Jony Ive, was certainly fashion forward to say the least. That event was recreated in San Francisco specially for a scene in the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, and it is sure to thrill fans of Apple when the movie hits the silver screen.

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