The majority of smartphone accessories tend to serve one purpose, but if you’re looking for an all-around accessory for your phone, the WonderCube might be an Indiegogo project worth checking out. Basically as you can see in the video above, the WonderCube is a tiny cube that is small enough to fit on your keychain.

But what does it do? Well for starters it can act as a cable for your smartphone to make data transfers or to charge it. It can also double up as a stand for your phone and prop it up while you watch videos or surf the web. It can also act as an OTG USB, flash drive, and even comes with a tiny LED so that it can be used as a torchlight.

wondercubeHowever one feature that really caught our attention is how the WonderCube could be used as an emergency charger. How does that work, you ask? Basically you stick a 9-volt battery into it and it will be able to help charge your phone. This can come in handy as 9-volt batteries are commonly available so if you’re really in need for that extra bit of juice, then this should do the trick.

The WonderCube is currently trying to raise funds via Indiegogo and will cost you at least $49 to get your hands on one. It will be available in either Lightning or micro USB so it will play nicely with non-Apple devices as well.

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